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From that disturb their obedience. Sunset Shimmer has been stated by director Katrina Hadley as bi , but that it's up to fan interpretation leaving her this. Kuroh also counts, as he also blushed upon first seeing Neko naked, but then becomes extremely loyal to Shiro and dedicates his time to finding him after the first season. Antolini implies or sexual like Holden thinks. Ty Lee seems to show an interest in Sokka, but also seems to show an interest in Azula. Word of God said that Rhombulus was in a gay relationship with Lekmet, but in one episode he confesses to having a crush on Queen Moon. And "Al-Jamil" means "beautiful," so my full name all together means
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Philly Phil from Class of is implied to have a crush on Kim, and even had a girlfriend in "Free Philly. However, Butters has fallen in love with more girls than all of the four main characters combined. The protagonist of The Gallagher Girls has several relationships with men of varying importance, but she also has a tendency to describe the beauty of her female True Companions , even while bleeding out from a gunshot. It's practically text at some points she's had lesbian relationships in the past. The title character of SpongeBob SquarePants is said to be asexual by the creator, but he still is implied to have a crush on both Sandy and Squidward. Triple H : " There's a lot of bi things I am, but -lingual isn't one of them. Complicated by him being an Emotion Eater with a taste for love and happy memories, regardless of the gender of the people involved.
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Notably, Jenna admits she's this in-universe. Deathgasm : Medina is Brodie's Love Interest , and her metal fantasy has heavy lesbian imagery. However, he has flirted with Edna and an unnamed jellyfish-like alien and near the end of the series, he starts a romance with Marianne. Young Justice : Queen Bee, according to Batman, can control "most men and some women", and gets curiously intimate with both Garfield and Megan within minutes. Krieger and has never been in a relationship with a woman, but gets off to being strangled and beaten, regardless of who's doing it, and may have flirted with Lana in Season 4. Then he went back to being a guy again before he rapes the Canadian president to death out of spite. Jacobson to her face that she was pretty, but her being drunk at the time makes it unclear whether she was flirting or not.
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Reiner Braun from Attack on Titan. She hums as she thumbs through her mail. Madeline: Danny Marconi is important to you, is he not? Complicated by him being an Emotion Eater with a taste for love and happy memories, regardless of the gender of the people involved. It's also implied she was initially jealous of Xavin, Karolina's fiancee.
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